Thursday, August 16, 2012

Companion Cube for the Win

Alright, so not exactly 40k related but it's still hobby progress of a sort.  Little over a year ago I got rather bored and I wanted to celebrate the release of Portal 2 since it was going to be out in a couple of months. So what better way to celebrate, than by building myself a Weighted Companion Cube.(

Easier said than done, well...not actually, was pretty easy as well, just time consuming. Built completely out of foam of one sort or another, foam board making up the base of the cube. While the interior was reinforced with blue polystyrene sheets.

The same blue foam was then cut to size and shape to form the corners, along with the help of some duct tape and glued into place. The center circle was made of the same foam board as the core.

 That is pretty much where the project left off last year, with the exception of beginning to pain with latex paints and stopping as it got too humid for the summer.

Now we come to yesterday. Long boring story cut short, I had been using the cube as my coffee table until I cleaned and decided that it was the perfect time to finish it up.  A couple quick coats of paint on the corners and core sections, before cutting out a stencil and painting the trademark hearts.
 Finished Product:


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