Saturday, December 1, 2012

Battle Group Savanna pt.2

It's been a long time in the process, but with motivation to actually play Battlefleet Gothic a week or so ago, I sat down and finished up the models I had bought for my Battle Group.

Battle Group Savanna

Invictus Hyaenidae

Frigates(Left to Right): Wasp, Majestic, Azure Moon

Lunar Class Cruisers Nemesis and Celestial Ignis

Overlord Battle Cruiser Rapture, Gothic Class Cruiser Contemptuous

Frigates(Left to Right): Ilium, Groxhide, Gamma Ray



Emperor's Children beginning

Alright, so for the past month or so I've been buying up Forge world Mark armors with the intention of building a heresy era Emperor's Children to use as my Chaos Space Marine army. With inspiration from the Horus Heresy: Betrayal book and the Black Library novels that feature the EC, I've formed an image of what I want my EC to look like.

As of a couple days ago I've got a single Melta gunner completely assembled and now painted up in one of the random patterns or color I'll be using for my army. After all, the Lord of Sensation isn't known for his color coordination, aside from the coordination of randomness.

Friday, October 5, 2012


With the release of the Dark Vengeance box set and the soon to be released Chaos codex, I decided to start on a new army. With an absolute love of the Emperor's Children legion, I decided to theme my chaos army around them, with backup support from units of Slaaneshi cultists.

Four Cultists with their base colors on, still missing the wash and wetland base.

Another set of four, painted and washed, with some minor highlighting done to re-brighten colors. Basing started with sand.

Four finished cultists, wetland bases built from the Secret Weapon Miniatures wetland basing kit.

Most of the colors on these models were done using FolkArt craft paints with some pieces done in GW paints.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

422nd Army Pictures

Alright, so I realized I didn't have any pictures of the completed portions of the 422nd up yet and after a bit of getting angry with my camera and deciding to just use my phone, here is the completed portions of the 422nd Consolidated.

Master of the Fleet

Company Command Squad

Lord Commissar

Commissar Yarrick
Ratling Snipers
Troop Choices:
Melta Vets of the 93rd

Melta Vets of the 93rd

Plasma Vets of the 93rd

Plasma Vets of the 93rd

422nd Platoon Command

422nd Squad 1

422nd Squad 1

422nd Squad 2

422nd Squad 2

103rd Platoon Command

Al'Rahem counts as.

103rd Squad 1

103rd Squad 1

103rd Squad 2

103rd Squad 2

103rd Squad 3

103rd Squad 3

Heavy Support:
Chimera Aquila

Thunderous Applause (Demolisher Variant)

Emperor's Wrath and Pask


Line Breaker

Divine Light(Demolisher Variant)