Thursday, May 31, 2012

BugEater 2012

Well, the last week and a half has been a pretty hectic one. Had to bust through painting up about 50 infantry and another Leman Russ to get ready for The BugEater this weekend. And while I will say everything is painted, only the infantry managed to get a wash on them, I ran out of Badab Black by the time I had gotten to my Russes.

As for pictures of the newly painted, there aren't none. I packed up before I thought to take the pictures, but I'll get some while at the tournament this weekend and post them up when I'm home on Sunday or Monday, along with a couple of battle reports.

With my tournament list essentially done, I still have quite a back log for models to paint and assemble. On the hobby desk right now is a Chimera that needs to be painted, it's already primed. As well as a couple of Sgt alternates, a couple of Junior Officers, a couple regular Guardsmen, a Commissar and my soon to be Officer of the Fleet.  I've also got my Valkyrie crew to get painted up.

Build wise, the only thing being constructed at the moment is the first 5 of my 10 man Rough Rider unit. I've got 3 of them built so far and one of them partially painted as a test model, but I think I'll be redoing the color of his tunic when I get my hands on some of the new GW paints.

And here is a few shots of the current Rough Rider I have test painted.(poor quality, from my phone)