Sunday, April 26, 2015

Painting Tutorial: Daemonettes of the Pale Host!

Hey everyone! Today we've got a skin painting tutorial for the daemonettes that have recently passing across my painting table.

Step 1:
Apply a primer of your choice to the model. I've gone with a light grey to help colors more easily come through when I move on to the clothing colors.

 Step 2:
Paint a thin coat of black over all the exposed skin, this will provide nice dark shadows as the colors build up.
 Step 3:
With a dark grey, heavily dry brush over the black areas that were painted previously.
 Step 4:
Now make a 1:1 mix of grey and white. Lightly dry brush this mixture over top of the previous step.
 Step 5:
Apply a purple wash across the flesh.
 Step 6:
Mix up a roughly 10:1 white to grey and dry brush this onto the flesh.
 Step 7:
Finally, add a very light dry brush of pure white to the highest areas of the model.
That is the basics of painting daemon flesh for the forces of the Pale Host. The rest of the model can be painted however you see fit.

Thanks for reading!

Friday, April 17, 2015

The Carnivalia Grows!

Hey again everyone! I'm a bit behind on this update for the blog, but I've finished up my most recent entry for The Independent Characters Hobby Progress Challenge and tossed my newest commitment into the ring!

For my completed challenge we have 12 more cultists for my Carnivalia, complete with a champion and a pair of flamethrowers.

As for the next commitment, I'm going to be following up on the Keeper that I posted in the last entry, with a unit of 20 daemonettes with an Aluress, Banner and Musician.

Thanks for viewing!

Friday, April 10, 2015

Perfection from the Warp

A few days late posting this model, but a week or so ago I had a bout of insomnia and plenty of inspiration! Long story short, I broke out my Keeper of Secrets and decided to get a paint scheme going for my daemonettes.

Not the best pictures and I have added a couple of minor details after, but I'll post those shots up in my next challenge update.

Enjoy everyone!

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