Thursday, October 1, 2015

The Desert Campaign is on!

Hello all! Just another Bolt Action update for the ol' blog here.

Recently started my second army and went with North African Italians so I thought I'd post up some work in progress shots.

First Batch of fully painted Bersageleri. Command team, Artillery spotter and LMG teams.

 Bersageleri MMG team and Light Mortar
 Semonvente 75/18 assault gun
Sahariana Scout car. Still need to get an autocannon and second mmg for it though.

Monday, September 7, 2015

Bolt Action Update!

This post has been a long time coming, but I have gotten lazy once more haha.

I've recently started a new army for Bolt Action, a North African Italian force, which is going to be the majority of this post, but I also have a new piece for my 82nd airborne as well.

Up first is what I've already painted for the Italians.

 Bersaglieri group shot
 Bersaglieri light machine gun teams
 Bersaglieri Command Section

Now up for what is being painted currently. A Bersaglieri MMG team, light mortar and the rest of my infantry squad.  The image after is a regular Italian army MMG team that just got based up.

Finally! We have a light howitzer for my 82nd airborne!

That's all for this update, not much there, but its whats on the desk right now. Until next time!

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

D-Day: 82nd Airborne's Defense of La Fiere Manor

Last night myself and Josh got in a game for the Beasts of War Worldwide D-Day campaign, slotted in with the 82nd Airborne's defense of La Fiere Manor.

Game Setup: The US paratroopers deploy holding the western shore of the Merdet, their objectives consist of the bridge crossing, the main manor house and the south bound road that headed towards Utah beach. With the exception of Glider reineforcments, all of the US forces deployed on the board with the hidden setup rules.

German forces are divided into two waves, one that will come on first turn and the rest to come in as reserves. The Panzer IV can't deploy earlier than turn two, relying on whether or not German high command has allowed their panzers into the fight early.

Victory Conditions:

Draw = US forces hold all three objectives, but have ground to a stalemate with the German forces.

US Victory = Hold all three objectives and counter attack the Germans, driving into their deployment area.

German Victory = Capture at least one American objective.

 82nd Defense force.
 1057th Grenadier counter-attack.
La Fiere Manor.

On the evening of June 6th, after a day of fighting to claim and hold La Fiere Manor, the 82nd Airborne has dug in around the manor, focusing their defense around the causeway bridge across the Merdet. Supported by a pair of bazookas and a 57mm anti-tank gun, the US paratroopers dig in for the evening, when the German counter attack overruns the town of Cauquigny and pushed down the causeway towards the manor.

82nd Defensive positions in and around the manor.

Laying in ambush, the 57mm fires down the causeway and knocks out a German 222 as it comes into range. First blood to the defenders and now the German's know for sure that they are going to have a fight on their hands.
 Coming under fire from American forces, German infantry spread out into the flooded field, hoping to use debris as cover for their approach on the manor.

End of Turn 1
  Glider reinforcements arrive just in time to blunt the German thrust across the swampland and a low point in the river. A fusilade of fire from both units is enough to pin the squad across the river.
 A burst of fire from the .30cal team in the fore most building catches the German Lt. as he advances, attempting to encourage the men around him to keep pushing for the bridge.
 Reeling from the sudden casualties caused by the machine gun, the German Lt. is unable to clear the road before the American mortar ranges in on him. One good shot and the German assault is left leaderless.
 In retaliation for the loss of their commander, one of the American bazooka teams comes under fire from a squad that had closed to the edge of the river. Losing his loader is too much for the frightened Gliderman and he flees back towards St. Mere Eglise.

 As fire continues to exchange between the two forces, the assault's lone Panzer pushes its way past the burning wreck of the 222 and presses towards the bridge. Panicked by the new arrival, the crew of the 57mm fire off without properly aiming, their shot sailing wide. Steadied against the Manor's stone wall, the remaining bazooka team was ready and their shot sailed straight and true. Though their hit was shallow, the round managed to touch off something inside the Panzer and blew the top.

 End of Turn 2. More fire exchanged by the two side, leading to mounting casualties for the German assault, with very little being done to the Americans in return. Smoke from the German mortar attempts to obscure the American's line of sight, but drifts back behind their lines. A second squad of paratroopers emerges from the manor, it's time for the counter attack with casualties mounting for the Germans.

The German attack presses the river crossing, causing casualties to the Gliders. Undetered, the Gliders advance up to the hedgerow and return fire, whittling the German's down further and ensuring that they won't be pressing across the river any time soon.
End of Turn 3: American and German snipers continue to trade shots with no results, while German and American infantry manuever into better positions. The German mortar fired on the Gliders, hoping to pin them in place and stop them from pushing across the river and into the field.

End of Turn 4: With the German attack stalled and faltering, the 82nd pushes with as many units as it can. The paratroopers push on the bridge, laying down fire in hopes of pinning the two squads on the far side. Down the river, the Gliders push through the hedges and make for the river, braving the German guns and returning fire as they go, wiping out resistance on the far side of the crossing.

 Pressing their advantage, the Paratroopers press onto the bridge, aiming to drive the Germans back down the causeway.
 Repositioning, the last bazooka team catches sight of a Panzershrek team after it fires on the troopers crossing the bridge. One good shot was all it took to remove the other anti-tank team from the day's equations.
Paniced and under fire, the rifle unit at the river lost their composure when they heard movement behind them. Quick on the triggers as they spun, three of their comrades lay dead, before they realized that the American's hadn't outflanked them as they had feared.

 End of Turn 5: Watching the German Assault wither and crumble, the 82nd storms forwards, crossing the river and the bridge, driving what was left of the assault force before them.
 Across the bridge, the Paratroopers are caught in a double assault by the demoralized German infantry units. Taking a couple of casualties, the paratroopers prevailed against the close quarters attack, finishing off both German units and continuing on down the causeway.
 With both squads of Gliders across the river and into the flooded field, they fire on the German mortar team before they can flee.
End of Game: The Paratroopers push through what little remains of the German lines and carries their counter-attack back down the causeway.

Result: Overwhelming American victory. German forces destroyed nearly to a man, with only a couple of units left. American forces hold all objectives and have pushed forwards into the German deployment area, carrying the attack down the causeway. 

Narrative Pictures:
 Lt. directing the Bazooka team's fire down the causeway.
 57mm being overwhelmed by a smokescreen as he searches out targets on the far bank.