Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Return from the Bugeater GT 2016!

Hey everyone!

So this past weekend was the Bugeater GT down in Omaha, Nebraska and you probably noticed from my last couple of posts that I was playing in the first ever, Bolt Action tournament held there. Well I'm back now and I've got plenty of pictures to show off, even if most of them aren't very good. I tried to get at least one picture of every game I played, but I think I missed one and only got a single picture of another.

Friday, the day before the tournament kicked off, I helped the TO Josh Dunn set up the tables, along with Rich Jeffords. 7 tables total.

Game 1: Italians vs Soviets. I played against a great guy named Ryan from Nebraska. The game was bloody and ended with an Italian victory.

Game 2: Italians vs British. A wonderful duel in the desert against Paul from Chicago. Unfortunately I didn't grab more than a single shot of this game, but I did grab a photo of his army.  Crushing defeat for the Italians. How historically fitting.

 British gained the defense and made a hard time for the Italians.
Paul's Desert British.

Game 3: Italians vs Soviets(Again hah). Played against Michael and his brutal ISU. Wasn't ready for that! Close, but crushing defeat for the Italians.

No pictures after the Soviets started to inflict, near 100% casualties on the Italians, but it happened. Trust me. Great game though, something to think about in the future.

Game 4: Italians vs American. I played against Riley in this match, but unfortunately didn't get any pictures of it, a bit too focused on how to deal with defending against him as well as an early morning. Narrow, but crushing defeat for the Italians.

It was a great game that really came down to the last turn with the Italian's trying to hang onto their defenses against overwhelming numbers of American infantry and a deadly Sherman 105. Italian sniper tried to hold onto the game at the last turn, but just couldn't avoid all of that fire.

Game 5: Italians vs Americans. This time I got to play Rich from over in Sioux City. With bloody fighting across the entire board, it came down to a draw with very few troops left on the field.

So, all said and done, the Italians pulled 1 win, 3 losses and a draw over the weekend. Despite the results, these 5 games were some of the best games of Bolt Action I've ever played. Fun matches, great people to play against and everyone seemed to be a good sport, whether they were winning or losing. I can't wait to go back again in 2017 and meet some of them again, along with anyone else who might show up to play!

Oh! And finally, everyone who attended this year, walked away with some form of prize. Whether it be the tournament trophies, or random raffle prizes that were given out across the weekend.

I walked away with an Armoured Fury box set! So I guess it's time to get some tanks built up to support my Americans and maybe consider a German army to go with the Panthers from the box.

Thanks for reading everyone!