Thursday, March 3, 2016

Long long overdue update!

Hey everyone! Wow...this should have been updated a long time ago! A lot of things to update on in this post, so I'm going to kind of skim over all the projects that have started and where they are at currently, before posting anything with more recent information.

First off lets start where I left off! In my last entry I posted what was to be the start of my Bolt Action Italians. I've got that first batch, my Bersaglieri finished and set aside and in the mean time I've also received and made decent progress on the main body of my force.

 The core of my forces. 4 infantry squads, 1 Sahariana(Previously featured mostly finished), 1 Semovente(Finished and featured previously) and a medium mortar team.
 3 14/41's from Blitzkrieg Miniatures and I have to say, they are absolutely fantastic models. Though one of them has given me issues getting mold release off, all three were very easy to clean up and the detail is very crisp.
 My command tank nearly finished. It's missing it's squadron marking on the turret.
Sahariana scout car finished with Autocannon and rear facing MMG.

Next up for progress is the newest project to hit my table and that is an entry into Frostgrave. Just recently received and painted up the very start of my first warband.  These miniatures I found from Reaper Miniatures and again, a product that I don't regret ordering. Fantastic detail, despite the size and a lot of fun to paint.

I recently just put in another order to aquire a couple more mouslings for the group, as well as some snow flock to put them more into the winter setting.

That's all for this post, my next one will be looking over the completion levels of my Italians as they stand now.

Have a great day everyone!