Friday, January 23, 2015

Splenderous Cacophony! Compilation and re-taken pictures

Hey everyone! I recently started participation in the Independent Characters 2015 Hobby Progress Challenge and I am going to be adding more units to my Chaos warband and have decided to retake and compile older photos into one post here so that members on the IC forums can have a look if they wish as well as allowing current viewers to see the warband and what will be getting added to it.

So without further ado, here is the warband as it stands.

The Entire Warband plus their Primach, Fulgrim
 Sorcerer with Spell Familiar and Dark Apostle

 Lucien the Pale, Favored of Slaanesh: Daemon Prince with Black Mace

 Fulgrim the Illuminator

 Phoenix Guard Terminators, Chosen of the Primarch

Noise Marines, Bearers of Slaanesh's Cries

Chaos Marine Squad Serene

Heldrake, Wings of the Prince

With the current Warband showcased, here is February's HPC commitment.

Repainting my Chaos Lord and getting more cultists of the Carnivalia painted.