Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Lucius the Eternal!

Small update for today, but an update none the less and one that I am especially proud of! My take on Lucius the Eternal, converted up and painted. Built from a mixture of Forgeworld, Games Workshop, Maximini and Puppets War pieces and based on one of the Blasted Wetland bases from Secret Weapon Miniatures.

I'm pleasantly pleased with how well this came out, though I will admit I am slightly disappointed with my freehanded icon of Slaanesh on his right shoulder, but it still breaks up the shoulder pad so I'm okay with it.

Thursday, February 7, 2013


Okay! So I've been slacking pretty hard when it comes to keeping up with my blog updates, especially since I've actually been doing modeling work and painting.

So a couple posts ago I put up the first painted model for my Emperor's Children Chaos Space Marines army and around the start of the year I tossed my hat and army into the Hobby Challenge being hosted by The Independent Characters podcast(http://theindependentcharacters.com/blog/) and so far my army is coming together, no major hiccups and I'm really getting into the absurdness of my paint scheme.

First up, my Chaos Lord(with my first attempt at actually greenstuffing a cape):

The finished portions of my Chaos Space Marine Squad(Minus the Melta Gunner shown earliar):

The Chaos Champion(lightning claw) and one of the remaining Marines:

Contesting the skies of the battlefield for the Prince of Pleasure is my Heldrake. A wonderful model to build, with only one or two minor issues, namely the exhaust ports which are just open holes to the interior of the model. The six exterior ones got a coat of greenstuff daemon skin, while the main thruster was given an actual interior:

My most recent model, The Masque(counts as Herald of Slaanesh) for the Daemon Allies portion of my army:
And last but not least, the model currently on my work bench, Lucius the Eternal!(custom built to more closely match the Heresy Era theme of my army):

That about covers it for my recently painted and built models. Not pictured is my first 10 man noise marine unit(They are in the paint booth right now getting primed).

Finally on top of all the models I recently put together a dedicated hobby room so that I can actually focus on building and painting, instead of watching TV haha.

That will have me all caught up for the moment! Enjoy!