Saturday, November 9, 2013

For the Legion!

So today was a good day! I got my first squad of Kakophoni marines in for my Emperor's Children Legion and let me say, they are absolutely beautiful models and I can not wait to get more of them. Only downside I can see is that the head, torso and legs for each marine are one piece, which caused a bit of a set back for my Terminator Lord plans. Though after a bit of debate and then quick work with a saw and a pair of cutters I had managed to cut the upper body of one marine away and then carve the head free of the upper body. This leaves me short one Kakophoni until I can graft a spare torso to the undamaged legs.

Backtracking a bit, because I've only realised I didn't show my last Forge World order. Previously I ordered and received Fulgrim and a squad of Phoenix Guard Terminators. (Pictures will come soon). A bit of chaosing up and greenstuffing later, I have four Chaos Terminators and one Terminator Lord out of them.

 Kakophoni Marines (Minus the one I cut apart)
 Marine that was cut apart and the replacement torso.
 The Chora
Last but not least, my Phoenix Guard Terminator lord with Doom Siren(Counts as Burning Brand)