Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Road to the Bugeater 2016 Pt.2!

Hey everyone! This post is coming up later than I wanted it to, but it was quite the busy month. Between working, gaming and rushing to get my army and display board finished up, I'm finally completely finished with my Itlians for the tournament and my display board is in the final stages!

So, without further blathering on, here is my finished 25th Infantry Division Bologna.

 The Entire 1000pt force!
 Paracuditisti Sniper Team
 1st Lt and Artillery Observer
 Paracuditisti Flamethrower Team
 6 man regular infantry section with LMG
 6 man regular infantry section with LMG
 10 man Bersaglieri infantry section with 2 LMGs
 5 man regular infantry section
 5 man regular infantry section
 Regular 14/41
Sahariana with light autocannon and 2 MMGs

I also got in a wonderful set of terrain from Crescent Root Studios to contribute to the tournament as a desert table! I seriously cannot recommend this company enough if you're looking for pre-painted mdf terrain!

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