Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Road to The Bugeater 2016! Pt 1.

Hey folks! I'm back again after another long absence  with a quick update.

This coming June is the Bugeater GT down in Omaha, Nebraska and I'll be attending once more. This year will be the first year that a Bolt Action tournament will be hosted and I figured it will be the perfect outing to get my Italians tested properly.

In this post and the coming ones, I'll be updating with my progress in finishing up my army, mostly highlighting forces that are already painted, but I will also be adding a couple of new units to my forces and documenting work on my display board.

First up for this post is my newest units that will be added into my Army. An Elephantino light anti-tank gun, a paratrooper sniper team and a paratrooper flamethrower team. I'm not 100% solid on my list yet, so I don't know if the flamethrower or sniper will make it into the final build.

 Next and last up is the very start of my display board. The cork inserts have just finished drying in place, next will be sealing up the seam and edges to make sure any flock doesn't slip down inside the frame.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned as I finish up my army in the coming months!

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