Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Open the tome and begin the tale

Greetings to anyone who has stumbled upon this empty blog.  As a first post, this is more of an introduction as to what this blog will be about.

As a Warhammer 40k player, I find myself needing to have a place that I can update from time to time as I push forwards with work on my hobby progress for the benefit of anyone interested and for my own benefit, as a weekly update will make sure that I am constantly pushing myself to complete and continue on with any projects I may be endeavouring on.

My current project is my first actual army; A custom Imperial Guard Regiment that I am in the process of developing a back story.  I've been working on my Guard for a couple of years now and only within the last 6 months to a year did I fully get back into really working on it and trying to really get an army that I enjoy playing.  In posts to come I will be posting images of models that I have done at the moment, things that I'm working on building, army lists and army progress for the upcoming Bug Eater GT in Omaha, Nebraska.

So, here begins the online tale of my regiment, the 422nd Valedor Consolidated...

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