Saturday, September 14, 2013

Emperor's Children Update

This past week the painting and modeling bug has hit me again for my Emperor's Children Chaos Marines and I have finally gotten my Dark Apostle conversion painted up. Along with my Apostle, I also built a new Noise Champion and Sorcerer from the Forgeworld Palantine Blades kit.

Dark Apostle, ready to lead the Carnivale!
Sorcerer and Spell Familiar(Made from a Raging Heroes model)

Palantine Blades Noise Champion

On top of these models, today I also received in trade for my Flames of War Germans a modest assortment of Cawdor gangers and Frateris Militia models that will become part of my Carnivale in the near future.

I also obtained these, those it is kind of hard to tell what they are right now, but they are a pair of Sisters of Battle Exorcist Organs which will soon become Dirge Casters on my Noise Marine Rhinos and possibly a Land Raider.

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