Wednesday, January 1, 2014

For Vostroya and The Emperor!

Just a minor update today, but it was a joy to paint these models.

 In a couple of days time I will be heading out for a couple of days worth of gaming. One of the games we'll be playing is going to be Killzone and looking through the rules I decided to use some Storm Troopers from the Imperial Guard codex as part of my force. No longer having any painted up or assembled, I dug out a handful of the Vostroyans I have sitting around, mainly wanting to paint something different from my current Guard army.  After painting up these couple of guardsmen, I really think I might pick up some more of the models so that I can make a couple of squads worth.

Sgt. with Power sword and plasma pistol:
Group Shot:

Now with these guys done, I've got four more troopers and one officer left that will definitely be painted up soon..

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