Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Battle of the Crossroads

Recently I've been getting into the 28mm skirmish game, Bolt Action which I still need to post up proper pictures of my army as of the moment, but for now I'll be posting up pictures from last night's midnight battle against Josh.

I'm playing my US Paratroopers of the 82nd Airborne and Josh is playing a mix of Heer and SS infantry forces. Both forces are 1000 points and we played the 'Top Secret' mission, with the goal of capturing a piece of vital intel in the center of the board and retreating off of our board end before the end of the game to win.

 Initial table setup. A small European village with a crossroads and a couple of fields. US table edge is closest to the camera, German forces deploying from the far end.
 Table at the end of Turn 1. Both sides have advanced on from their table edges and taken up initial positions.

 Glider rifle troops advance into the forest on the US right, pushing up to secure the right side of the road.
 US Paratrooper squad advances up the road under cover from a 57mm anti-tank gun. Anti-tank gun fires and fails to range in on the german halftrack.
 Second Paratrooper squad and the support jeep move through the field on the US left flank.
 US Left with the jeep, a light mortar team, paratrooper squad, the 2nd LT and a bazooka team.
 German forces advance up the road, deploying behind hedges. A machine gun team deploying into the upper ruins and becomes the target of the US artillery barrage. (Marked by the red die)
 Table at the end of turn 2. Both forces continue to advance. German forces are forced to split around the target zone for the artillery.
 US .30caliber machine gun team moves up the right flank.
 US tank gun fires down the road, but fails to hit the half track for a second time as it veers into the hedges.
End of turn 3. US left flank advances to the far end of the field. The .50 in the jeep and the paratrooper squad on the road fire on the kubelwagon as it cuts in front of them, putting pin markers on it.
 German forces falter in their advance. The US mortar fires smoke into the road in front of the German lines.
 End of turn 3, Amercians break through the left hand field and push into the ruins. More fire is poured into the kubelwagon, knocking it out of the game and pinning the machine gun team in it. German artillery strike coordinates are radioed in on the ruins on the US corner of the crossroads. (Black die)
 US left flank advance.
 German lines trying to re-form to confront the American advance.
 End of Turn 4. US glidermen advance into the field, laying down fire on German forces in the next field.  US artillery barrage came down at the beginning of the turn, landing on target and pinning German forces in a 12" bubble around the ruins.
 US left flank, paratroopers moving up into the ruins,  laying down fire on the German Heer units that are advancing on the objective at the crossroads.
 US right flank, US glidermen return fire on the Heer unit in the next field.
 Paratroopers in the ruins take fire in return, getting pinned but suffering no casualties.
 US forward observer rushes towards the Intel officer(objective), firing and placing a pin on the advancing Heer infantry with his pistol.
 Start of turn 5 the German artillery barrage comes in, but there was a miscommunication and the barrage falls amongst the German infantry on the other side of the crossroads, pinning down the infantry.
 End of turn 5 the US paratroopers push fully into the ruins, trading fire with German infantry forces as they grab the objective. US forward observer is killed in an assault.
 The 57mm fires down the road again, knocking out the German halftrack hiding amongst the hedges.
 Glidermen push forwards and wipe out the German Heer unit they had been trading fire with.

 End of Turn 6 and the game.
 Glidermen and the machine gun team finish off the pinned German machine gun that had been hunkering behind the burning kubelwagon.
 US left advances and pours fire into the German's with the Intel officer.

The game ended at the end of Turn 6 and brought the game to a draw as neither team was able to retreat off the table with the intel.

Even with the German's holding the intel at the end of the game, the US have fully wiped out five units of German's and only lost one of their own in return. Moral victory for both sides.

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