Friday, June 15, 2012

Hobby Update for the week

Alright everyone, so I got some hobbying done today and some done last week and figured I should get a post up before work tonight.

So here we go, first item on the list. When we were down at the BugEater GT a couple of weeks ago, I ended up buying myself another Valkyrie kit and on the way back home, those of us in the car came up with the idea to do a sort of flyer, epic battle the following Monday. So I was essentially required to build and at least prime my newest kit in about a week. Not too much of a challenge, I was able to get the kit together really quickly and managed to get most of the body painted in the last bit of my fortress grey, which sadly enough ran out before I could do the wings.

So, long story short, built, primed and paint started in about 2 days. I'm rather proud of that time schedule honestly.

Next up on the chopping block, alterations to some of my finished infantry. Now I didn't have time to add these before the BugEater, seeing as how I was kind of pushing it the way it went. So here we have six guys, divided between the three squads and the command of my 105th outflank platoon, with their fresh purity seals added.
All the purity seals are custom cut, with the exception of the actual seal, which comes from any GW purity seal I can get my hands on. The prayer strips are simply cut from medical gauze and painted over.

Finally a new model to my roster. I have painted up the old metal Cadian Senior officer that I had laying around and will be using him as my Master of the Fleet. Note, he is not finished, he still needs a wash and highlights, as well as a base.

That's all for the newest painted models in my army.

On the chopping block for future updates, I still have a pile of models waiting to be painted up and distributed. I recently just put 30 of my original guardsmen into Simple Green so that I can repaint them so that they match my current army style.

For my Rough Riders, I just finished drilling out all of their closed hands and found a thin, leather sinew cord that I will be using as reigns. I've also started pinning the remainder of my torsos together, no images as of yet.

That's all for now.

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