Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Return from the BugEater GT Pt.2

Okay, so I was lazy yesterday and didn't get the post up, but here it is today.

0420012.M3(06/02/12 2:27PM)
Round 3: The third round's scenario was a Dawn of War deployment with Objectives as the primary, followed by table quarters and then kill points. In this round I was playing against regular Space Marines, played by Clint Beaver.  After both of us placed the objectives, he deployed first when I failed to seize and to gives myself a little more room against him, I deployed in the opposite corner.

On the first round, two of his drop pods came in right next to my deployment, with a dreadnaught and a Sternguard squad with Vulkan attached. His dreadnaught turned its flamer on my plasma vets, wittling them down to the last couple of men, while his Sternguard squad sent three flamer templates down by guard platoon, frying all 20 of them where they stood.

When my turn rolled around, I brought in my Russes to try and drive him from the corner. Shots from the regular Russes killed most of his Sternguard unit, while the Executioner failed to do anything and the Vanquisher took some ineffective shots at his Vindicators.

Turn two for him turned into wittling down my Russes, who continued to do nothing in return, either missing their shots or not breaking his armor. Both units of my reinforcements came in on turn three, the outflank platoon coming in on the corner that he had deployed into, while the Vendetta came in and dropped vets by his Vindicators and thunderfire cannon.
In the next three turns my Vendetta stunned a couple of his vehicles, while my melta vets pushed forwards, popping a rhino and a vindicator, before finally stunning the final one he had.
On the other side of the board, one of the outflank squads was cut down with bolter fire after blowing up a razorback and killing all but two of the marines within. The other two squads, blobbed up fired on one of the marine squads hunkering behind their barricades, before being assaulted by both squads. An assault that lasted three turns with both sides still holding in there.
Overall result, a win on all three conditions for my opponent, but was easily the funnest game that I played all weekend.

0421012.M3(06/02/12 5:13PM)
Round 4:  For scenario 4 it was another Pitched battle deployment, with primary being table quarters, then objectives and finally kill points. The game saw me facing off against another Guard player, who was running Mech Guard with a trio of Vendettas for support.

Going second again, he pushed his Chimeras forwards while his Vendettas fired on my own and didn't manage to do anything against it. On my turn my Russes fired and wrecked one of his Chimeras while my Vanquisher immobilized one of his Vendettas and my own wrecked another on the far end of the board.

 His Chimeras advanced farther , deploying a melta vet squad that destroyed my Vanquisher, while Marbo came in behind my tank line. Shifting my infantry blob, I gunned Marbo down with a ranked fire order, while my Russes took out another Chimera and my Executioner stunned another. Across the board, my Plasma vets charged forwards, melta bombing another of his Chimeras.
At turn 3 he took out my Russ squadron with his Melta vets and moved a couple of chimeras and flamers up to turn on my blob squad, killing all but the command unit. My plasma vets were also gunned down by combined fire from a Chimera and the squad from the vehicle they had just wrecked.  My reinforcements came in on this round, supporting my quickly crumbling flank and my remaining Russ. A quick ranked fire was enough to reduce one of his squads back away from the objective that they had grabbed. My Executioner used it's melta sponsons to blow up another chimera, while it's plasma rounds scattered to hit the rest of the squad that my infantry had fired on.

In the last round he blew up my remaining Russ, before the melta vets were finally killed by fire from my outflankers and my Vendetta managed to stop his remaining Vendetta from moving or shooting.
Ending on turn 4, he claimed the primary objectives, but I won in the secondary, holding the only objective of both of us and tied him just barely in kill points.  Overall, not the funnest game ever, I thought it could have played a little faster.

Well that was rounds 3 and 4. Rounds 5 and 6 will follow either later today or tomorrow.

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