Thursday, May 30, 2013

Flames of War! 82nd Airborne!

Alright, time for a bit of a direction change I believe! Having kind of fallen out of the mood to do anything with 40k; gaming, painting, hobbying, those sorts of things. I decided to finally take the step and pick up the Flames of War: Open Fire! box set and I must say, aside from a couple of little issues with the included Shermans, I am rather impressed with how much you get in this box set.

With the box containing both Axis and Allied forces, I decided to start painting up the US paratroopers first, had watched a lot of Band of Brothers before hand, so it made selecting my first army easy. While I don't know the exact list I'm going to build, still need to order my army book, I do know that I want it to be a late war US paratrooper company out of the newer Market Garden book and I know in the book they have unique lists for both 101st and 82nd airborne units, so I decided to go with the 82nd. So without me blabbering on any longer, here are the first 3 stands for my Para Company.

Platoon 1IC:
A bazooka team:
And finally a Rifle/MG team:

With the painting, I've painted the paratroopers in their 1943 uniforms to put them in the proper theater of war and I've also done my best to include the US flag on their right shoulder, along with the 82nd unit badge on the left. Some of the colors, mostly the foliage on the helmets, I highlighted with a brighter green and brown than normal, just to make the figures stand out a little more.

These are also not finish, I still need to add ground flock and static grass to the bases.

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  1. Nice. Great job. post more pics. tell me more!!!